Prado Museum best paintings in English

1) The Dead Christ Held by an Angel Educated in Aragonese-held Sicily, Antonello traveled to Flanders where he learnt to paint with oils and acquired a taste for meticulous detail. On  his return he moved to Italy and his legacy was to prove decisive for the Venetian school. He died in 1479, that is, the …

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Spanish Wine Tasting, Notes and Ratings

After 17 years running Madrid tapas tours I have managed to taste thousands of wines and write about the best here and in my instagram account. Wine region-Winery-Wine Montilla-Morilles-Alvear- Pedro Ximenez Solera 1910 and Pedro Ximenez Solera 1830  These two are very serious wines. Their complexity and density are beyond words. They belong to that league of …

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