Mountain wine Victoria 2, the birth of a legend.

In 2004 wine genius Jorge Ordoñez fulfilled his dream of making wine from “pasas de Málaga”, that is,  the best raisins in Spain. These new Spanish wines, made from raisins! are receiving accolades from all corners of the world. They are a must for the wine lover visiting Spain. We will taste one of them, Nº2 Victoria, best Spanish white wine of 2014 by the Gourmets Wine Guide. The concentration is outstanding, melon and tangerine aromas & flavors.

Steep slopes, partially decomposed slate and bedrock frequently coming to the surface (see picture), this is la Axarquia, a mountainous grape region located in Málaga. Mechanization of the cultivation is impossible (notice the donkey). La Axarquia produces the best raisins in the Spain and since 2004 spectacular wines.

This is the only food tour in Madrid serving Victoria n2.

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